Claims Process

Every claim is unique; however, all claims generally follow these three phases:

Phase #1 – Contact and Claims Advancement

After reporting your claim, it will be assigned to one of our experienced claim professionals. This claim handler will guide you through the process and work with a team of other associated claim professionals to manage your claim promptly and accurately to conclusion.

In this phase, you will be contacted by your claim professional and he/she will:

  • Fully explain the claims process,
  • Schedule an inspection of your damaged property/business if needed,
  • Determine and investigate the loss and applicable policy coverages and benefits,
  • Explain our Velocity Direct Repair program,
  • Work with you to coordinate any needed emergency repairs or mitigation efforts,
  • Answer any questions you may have pertaining to your claim, and
  • Clarify the next step in the process.
Phase #2 – Evaluation

If an inspection of your property is needed, the claim professional will meet with you on location. They will:

  • Discuss your damages,
  • Gather all the facts about your loss,
  • Investigate the cause of loss,
  • Take photos to document the damages,
  • Evaluate your loss and/or complete an estimate, and
  • Possibly secure necessary samples for further evaluation.

Our goal is to assess the cause of the loss, determine applicable coverages, and move the claim towards resolution. The claims professional should explain the next steps and any additional information that may be needed from you and give you a window of time during which you will next hear back from him or her.

In some cases, an inspection may not be necessary and the claim professional will explain how your claim will advance towards resolution.

Phase #3 – Settlement and Conclusion

The claim professional should contact you within the agreed time period established at the inspection or last contact. In this phase, the claim professional will explain the application of policy coverages to any settlement, disclaimer or partial disclaimer. If there is a full or partial disclaimer or denial of coverage, we will provide you a letter setting forth the exact reason for such disclaimer, citing specific policy language to support that decision. If we are issuing a claims payment, we will do so promptly and fully explain the settlement and provide copies of any estimates used to evaluate your settlement. Any and all questions you may have should be answered during this settlement discussion.

We do realize that questions may arise after the claim settlement and we encourage you to visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section found below or again contact your assigned claim professional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)