Commercial Insured FAQ

How does an insured contact Velocity?

To respect the relationship of all parties, Velocity deals exclusively with the wholesale broker in all aspects of the client relationship. Any questions an insured has should be directed to their retail agent. Any questions a retailer has regarding an account or obtaining a quote should be directed to the wholesale broker. As background, Velocity Risk Underwriters is a general agency that underwrites risk and manages policies on behalf of insurance carriers. Due to the high level of expertise and industry experience required to place large account catastrophe exposed business, the Velocity commercial division has elected to source business through wholesale brokers. The wholesale market is typically used for large capacity and catastrophe perils. Underwriters, like Velocity, can establish fewer, stronger relationships with select wholesalers to allow Velocity to better focus underwriting efforts that meet our target risk profile. These insurance brokers correspond with retail agents. The retail agent has the relationship with the insured.

How does a person contact the wholesale broker with access to Velocity capacity?

A retail agent can request a contract with our wholesaler, AmWINS. Each retailer can decide which AmWINS office best suits its requirements.

What if someone has a complaint or wishes to report fraud?

Velocity takes expressed concerns from all parties very serious. We encourage anyone who perceives that fraudulent activity has occurred to report these issues promptly. Please contact our main telephone number (615) 942-0740 or as provided in your Policy for the applicable State Agency.