Moratorium Policy
Velocity Risk Underwriters will practice the following moratorium parameters. Additional restrictions may be posted from time to time as deemed appropriate.

When a territory is under a moratorium* for a given peril,

  • No new policy quote will be issued.
  • No outstanding quote can be bound.
  • Existing policies can be renewed, but no new locations or increased coverage can be included during the moratorium.
  • Certification of no loss may be required post event.
At a minimum, the moratorium by peril will include the following:


  • Exposure within 50 miles of an epicenter of an earthquake recorded at size 5.0 or greater.
  • Moratorium will last for 10 days from last reported shake on the subject fault line.


  • Risks with a location projected to be in the path of a named tropical storm as determined by the NOAA or National Hurricane Center. Moratorium size and scope will vary by the intensity of any given named storm.
  • Moratorium will last the duration of the named storm.


  • All restrictions included in Wind above.
  • Imminent flood watch or warning as declared by NOAA or other governmental agencies involved in the measurement of flood.

All Peril (fire)

  • If a fire, or similar peril, is proximate to or if an insured location is in the potential path of a known event.
* By the term 'moratorium,' we mean a temporary period of time during which certain underwriting activities may be halted or suspended in particular areas.