Speed, Service and Financial Strength
Our homeowners product offers great coverage, even in coastal areas. Our program is designed for homes that are well-maintained, primary residences, and occupied most of the year. The program has many options that enable you to purchase the coverage you more, and no less.
Rental Property (Dwelling Fire)
Many people own multiple properties that they rent on an occasional or frequent basis. Our Dwelling Fire policy is designed for these situations. Our product is flexible and can accomodate a property with limited personal belongings (Contents) or properties which are fully-furnished. The Dwelling Fire product is flexible so you and your agent can tailor coverage to meet your specific needs.
If you live in a condominium you have unique needs that can be covered by our program. Condominium coverage is unique because the condominium association or co-op may well already have coverage for parts of the building. You need to protect yourself for property that is not already covered. Talk to your agent about your condominium and get the coverage you need.
Commercial Habitational
Own a number of condominiums, apartment buildings or any other multi-unit dwellings? We understand the unique characteristics of this line of business and have developed a comprehensive cover that will provide you a wide-breadth of coverage.
Commercial Property
Velocity Risk Underwriters provides large capacity for catastrophe exposed middle market property accounts with comprehensive coverage, strong security, and competitive terms.