• Employee Spotlight – Jill Lyle Credits her Faith in her Success and Life Journeys

    Jilriale “Jill” Lyle, Small Commercial Lines Underwriter II, began her career with Velocity Risk during the pandemic. She joined the team in October 2020, and quickly advanced to her current position because of her focus, desire to learn and excellence in her work.

    Before Jill joined Velocity Risk, she gained insurance experience at another Nashville insurance company, but unlike many … Read More

  • Employee Spotlight – Nicole Lincoln is a Master of Process Improvements

    Nicole Lincoln, Director of Personal Lines Claims, started her insurance career as is typical with many insurance professionals: she fell into it. After attending Avila University, a small college in Missouri, with a basketball scholarship, Nicole wasn’t sure where her bachelor’s and master’s in business would take her. When she heard that a local rental car company was hiring, she … Read More

  • Employee Spotlight – For Mackenzie Carver, it was easy to follow in her family’s footsteps

    When Mackenzie Carver, Large Commercial Underwriter, was 4 years old, she began attending insurance conferences with her dad. She remembers competing in sandcastle contests, ice cream by the pool, and souvenirs when her father traveled for work. For her, insurance was always a cool industry. As she learned more about the business of insurance in college and during an internship, … Read More

  • Employee Spotlight – Kathy Sogah constantly strives for improvements

    When Kathy Sogah, Velocity’s Director of Operations, wanted to change a process at a former company, a co-worker pushed back, as she pulled out a four-inch binder and pointed to a 10-year old process. “That’s the way it’s always been done” was the response. That didn’t work for Kathy then and doesn’t work for her today.

    Kathy’s insurance career began … Read More

  • Hurricane Preparedness Week – Day 7: Make an Emergency Plan

    If you had a chance to review all the posts from this past week, you are likely ready for Hurricane Season which begins June 1. Make sure you have a written plan if a hurricane warning has been issued in your area and share your plan with everyone in your home and contacts out of town that can help spread … Read More

  • Hurricane Preparedness Week – Day 6: Help Your Neighbors

    For the past year, we’ve all stayed in and around our homes more. Hopefully, we’ve all gotten better acquainted with our neighbors and built lifelong friendships. As life begins to return a bit more back to normal, let’s not forget that some of our neighbors may still require additional assistance. As we prepare for this year’s hurricane season, make sure … Read More

  • Hurricane Preparedness Week – Day 5: Strengthen Your Home

    Your home is your most valuable asset, and it’s important to protect it from an impending storm. Some changes can be made weeks or months in advance, while some tips are great when the storm is on the way.

    In preparation for storm season

    Make sure your home is in good repair and meets local hurricane building codes.

    • Declutter drains
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  • Hurricane Preparedness Week – Day 4: Prepare Financially

    One of the best ways to prepare for any emergency is to be financially prepared to handle whatever situation you may face. Experts agree that you should have enough saved to cover about three to six months of expenses. Sadly, most Americans don’t have enough to cover a $1,000 unexpected expense, such as a medical emergency or forced time off … Read More

  • Hurricane Preparedness Week – Day 3: Assemble Disaster Supplies

    After an emergency, you may need to survive on your own for several days. A disaster supplies kit is a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency. If you put a kit together last year, but haven’t reviewed the contents, now is a good time to make sure food, batteries and other perishables … Read More

  • Hurricane Prep Week Day 2: Know Your Evacuation Zone

    If you’ve ever lived through a hurricane, you know the dangers that heavy wind and water can pose to your home and your community. Sadly, many people wait until it’s too late and find themselves on clogged freeways trying to get out of harms way, or worse, trapped inside their homes as the flood water rises.

    As Benjamin Franklin once … Read More