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Employee Spotlight – Jon Cordrey Strives for Excellence in Risk Evaluation in his Daily Work

Jon Cordrey, Catastrophe Analyst II, believes his purpose at Velocity Risk is to provide actionable modeling insights sourced through data that drives decisions for the firm’s business units, underwriters, capital providers, and investors. In summary, he adds value to portfolio reporting which leads to timely decisions to help achieve VRU portfolio targets. Based on feedback from Velocity’s leadership, Jon is achieving his objectives and doing so much more.

Jon grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati. When Jon discovered that his first major – accounting – was not the right fit, his advisor suggested Business Economics. That same advisor also suggested an insurance internship after junior year, and Jon landed a job at one of Cincinnati’s top insurance companies. He gained valuable experience in data analytics, learned how to analyze data, used visualization tools, and created new business target marketing maps.

After graduation, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee with his girlfriend (now wife), and began looking for a career in line with his degree. Based on his successful internship, it wasn’t long before he discovered Velocity Risk. He began interviewing for a claims analyst position, but the catastrophe (CAT) modeling team recognized his potential and offered him a job.

Siddharth Virkud, Catastrophe Analytics Team Lead, was thrilled when Jon accepted the position. “Jon has shown tremendous growth in his tenure at Velocity.” Siddharth shared. “He quickly learned the ins and outs of catastrophe modeling. He has a keen attention to detail, an analytical mindset, and most importantly, the intellectual curiosity to dive in and provide solutions where there isn’t always a right answer or a defined process. In three plus years, Jon has gone from a supporting role to a subject matter expert in CAT modeling.”

Jon’s learning began with the small and large commercial team, where he modeled individual and portfolio risks, providing expected profitability assessments. This data helps provide the underwriting team with necessary information to accept the risk with the appropriate premium or decline the risk altogether. CAT modeling programs have become sophisticated, and Jon has learned how to provide the most accurate information to support the company’s value of Underwriting Excellence.

Jon’s experience has evolved to not only commercial lines, but also the personal lines business unit. He creates reports for the business units, senior leadership, and capital providers, allowing all stakeholders to fully understand how the company is trending towards its targets. Each month, he tries to provide more value with additional exhibits/views of expected profitability on a reporting or ad-hoc basis.

Jon always thought of himself as someone who stayed in the background, providing the data, but letting others share the information. Thanks to the camaraderie and support from his mentors, Jon has embraced uncomfortable growth and learned to interact more, sharing the details of his findings and teaching others about modeling and how/why we review these risks.

“Jon is always willing to the support the team,” stated Emily Henderson, VP Systematized Risk – PL & SMB. “He is open to being creative and discussing new ideas. He helps to bridge the gap amongst the business units and Data Analytics with his approachable spirit, patient demeaner, and go-getter attitude. He is a true pleasure to work alongside!” Piya Gidwani, VP of Data Analytics couldn’t agree more, adding “Jon is always quick to respond to requests and help others whilst always maintaining a positive attitude no matter how busy he is.”

This summer, he’ll become a role model and mentor to his own intern, Ronak Joneja. He has plenty of projects scheduled for Ronak, including account modeling, creating exposure dashboards, real-time hurricane tracking/response – providing the expected losses before the storm occurs, then comparing them to the actual losses to see where we can improve the data and limit the model miss gap.

Ronak started in early June and has already learned a tremendous amount from Jon. “My first week at Velocity has been truly amazing,” according to Ronak. “The team, and especially Jon, has made my assimilation into the group seamless. Despite being a couple states over, Jon has done everything in his power to provide me a platform where I can make a mark on the company. He dedicated tremendous time to educate me on the company, invited me to every CAT team meeting and has put me in charge of creating exposure visualizations, all within my first ten days on the job.”

When Jon is not diving into catastrophe analytics data, he enjoys fitness, basketball, tennis and frisbee golf. In fact, Jon earned his personal training license to support others in their fitness goals. He and his wife, Shelby, took advantage of the pandemic remote work-life and moved from Nashville back to Cincinnati to be closer to family and friends. He is grateful that Velocity made it easy for him to transition to full-time remote without missing a beat. Jon’s favorite fun fact is that he is a leap-year baby and was on the local news in fourth grade as the only one in his class who could only celebrate his real birthday every four years.

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