Employee Spotlight – Josh Busing Has a Competitive Spirit that Motivates His Success

In baseball, you must connect the bat to the ball to get a hit. But statistically speaking, batters are much more likely to strike out than get a hit. Josh Busing knows the statistics well. He earned a baseball scholarship to Jefferson State College. He also knows that injuries can quickly derail sports goals, and a torn posterior labrum ended his chances of making it in the big leagues. Josh transferred to The University of Alabama where he was able to continue his love for competition as the Intramural Sports Chair as a member of PI KAPPA ALPHA, ultimately graduating with a degree in Political Science.

After graduation, Josh moved to Nashville to be closer to his girlfriend, now wife, Olivia, and landed his first serious job after helping a senior executive at a health care company move some furniture. The job seemed perfect. He was able to travel to different hospitals around the country and oversee many electronic health record implementations. When the travel, politics and corporate red tape became more than he wanted, he transitioned to a Data Product Analyst at a new company where he broadened his skillset and thought he had found his calling.

He and his wife had just purchased their second home, and Josh was promised a promotion for his hard work when the pandemic hit and caused many job cuts, including his. Josh was devastated and worried, as they hadn’t even made the first mortgage payment on their new home. But Josh seems to work best under pressure, and using a baseball analogy, started swinging when he landed an interview with Velocity Risk. It didn’t hurt that he knew someone at the company, but it was his interview with Praveen Reddy that may have helped Josh hit a home run.

“Although Josh had not held similar roles prior to joining Velocity Risk,” recalls Praveen Reddy, Chief Operating Officer, “I was impressed with his growth mindset and the cultural traits that I knew would fit well at our organization. I am pleased that Josh has made great strides in the last couple of years and has truly exemplified our value of uncomfortable growth.”

Starting a new job can be stressful for anyone. Starting a new property insurance job during a pandemic with no property insurance experience was a huge challenge for Josh, but in a way, seemed familiar. All the training was remote, as the team training him was also learning how to maneuver in this new world. After several at bats, Josh was down in the count when Pam Mailander, VP of Operations, saw something in Josh that she felt was worth exploring. Leaning on past experiences, Josh was able to pivot quickly, dust himself off and step back up to the plate.

“The pace at Velocity is fast and usually we learn on the job while getting projects completed,” Pam Mailander commented. “Josh and I had to learn how to work together remotely.  Josh was open to learning new tools and procedures; I had to help find him the training and people resources he needed.  We met frequently, almost daily, so he could become a SME on high priority projects and manage the vendor relationship. We continue to work together to optimize processes and improve efficiencies to help make the company more successful.”

Josh is proud of how far he’s come in two years. After worrying about not hitting a single, he’s hit a few home runs. Recently, leadership needed some ideas to make the renewal process more efficient while still complying with insurance regulations. Josh was able to break the renewal processes into two pieces, working with the vendor to know exactly when each part needed to be complete to provide the best outcome for all parties.

Sami Villwock, Small Commercial Underwriter 1, also noticed the progress Josh made as he learned more about the catastrophe insurance world. “We worked together on several projects before training the vendor to take over the daily task management. I really appreciate the care and considerations that Josh executes when working on projects together. Even though we’ve only met in person once, I always know I can trust Josh to help me out if I need it, and we’ve been able to stay connected throughout our virtual office environment.”

When Josh isn’t hitting home runs at Velocity, he chases birdies and eagles on the golf course. He hasn’t lost that competitive streak and volunteers for the Velocity Risk team each fall when it sponsors the Blue Goose Golf Tournament to benefit local charities.