Employee Spotlight – Matt Giblin Loves Breaking Things…Then Fixing Them

Matt Giblin is a QA Engineer for Velocity Risk. If you’re unfamiliar with the acronym, QA stands for Quality Assurance. That means looking for mistakes someone makes in technical programming. The way Matt explains his job to his young children is, “you know when you’re on the computer and you get an error message? My job is to try and stop those error message from happening in the first place.”

The process begins with a product manager starting a request, such as adding a new state for homeowners insurance. The product manager works with a business analyst who lists all the requirements, such range of coverage, underwriting rules, zip codes and much more. The next step is programming the requirements into the policy administration system. Once that is complete, Matt and other QAs start their work. They go through each of the requirements, testing numerous scenarios to try and find any errors before launching the program to the public.

Matt was interested in a career in technology since high school. He followed his older brother to Tennessee Tech where he learned about Quality Assurance and thought it would be a great career. After graduation, he spent many years in the healthcare industry, breaking and fixing programming errors. One thing he couldn’t fix were the attitudes. It seemed that people were often only concerned with themselves, so he left the industry.

In August 2018, Matt joined Velocity Risk and never looked back. From the beginning, he sensed the camaraderie. “If someone shares that they have a challenge,” Matt explained, “three different people will ask questions and provide potential solutions.” He believes his current role with Velocity is his most fulfilling, and he knows there will always be a need for QA because humans will always make mistakes.

When Jeremy Ideus, Test Automation Engineer, heard that Matt was being recognized, he was thrilled for him. “Matt brings an incredible amount of experience in software testing, possesses a tremendous work ethic and offers levity to each project team, no matter the circumstance.” Jeremy continued, “I had the pleasure of working with Matt on a large project which was hugely successful when it went live. He always dedicates himself to the success of the project through a keen, test-focused perspective.”

Sean Rand, VP Technology, agrees that Matt has grown his technology and business expertise over the years. “Matt’s dedication and selflessness in ensuring Velocity succeeds is second to none! Since day 1 he goes over and above for the Velocity team.” Billy Robinson, Sr. Business Analyst, added, “During our late-night releases, even when scheduled to be off, he will check in to see if we need assistance.”

Wade Allen, QA Lead, knows that one reason for great teamwork is Matt’s sense of humor. “Matt is the kind of guy that makes it easier to work on difficult, complicated projects. He does this by keeping things light, asking good questions, and then putting in the work to make sure things happen. And the depth of his pop culture references is endless!”

When Matt is not working, he loves spending time with his wife of almost 20 years and twins, 13, Vaughn and Alexis. They enjoy watching movies and playing games. He set up a Minecraft server so his children could play with friends from home, which helped them stay connected, especially while homebound during Covid. Matt believes it’s very important tell people you love that you love them. This became especially important after a personal tragedy, which also helped Matt realize the importance of work-life balance.