Employee Spotlight – Meghan Fountain Wants to Share her Passion for Insurance

When Meghan Fountain, Director of Claims, started her insurance career as a freshman in college, she took an entry level role in claims at USAA to start building her resume. As an accounting major, Meghan never dreamed that she would remain in the field of insurance and grow so passionate about the industry. She had dreams of working for a big 4 accounting firm. Yet, she felt herself in good company serving the military members and developed a great foundation through her training and time spent at USAA.

After graduating from St. Petersburg College, Meghan transitioned into a full-time job in the finance department of an insurance company and quickly realized that she preferred relationships with people, not spreadsheets. She loved solving problems and turning customer complaints into opportunities where the customer sees the solution as a win.

Meghan’s passion for helping insurance customers was a perfect fit for claims. She has a reputation for implementing positive changes that advance each company or group she supports. As her career grew, she continued to expand her knowledge, taking roles in claims management, litigation, liability, and operations. Her experience made her a great fit to lead the claims operations department at a former employer where she had limited resources to help.

When she began working at the now defunct company, it was in its infancy. Meghan had the opportunity to build a claims program from nothing. She pushed past comfort zones and limits, doing it confidently and successfully. She hired a staff in claims, underwriting, and customer service. She grew exponentially through that process as she overcame every obstacle thrown her way. One of her favorite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt is “do one thing every day that scares you,” and it resonated during that chapter.

After a chance meeting with senior claims leadership at Velocity, she instantly knew it was an organization and team she wanted to be a part of. Rod Harden, Chief Claims Officer at Velocity, was impressed with how much Meghan was able to accomplish with limited resources. “She continues to bring passion to everything she engages in at Velocity,” according to Rod. “Her energy is infectious and permeates into the people/teams she works with. Pair this with her exceptional leadership and living the Velocity Values daily and that is simply an unstoppable force of positivity and action. She is a true pleasure to work with.”

Another example of Meghan’s many achievements was when she testified at a trial in Florida. Florida is known for its litigious stance against insurance companies. It’s rare that an expert witness in Florida can convince a jury to deliberate in favor of the insurer, but the insurer won the case due to her testimony. Meghan believes it was because the jury could relate to her. Her testimony was factual, and she was able to humanize the situation. She didn’t look like a typical, old-school expert witness.

Scott LeBlanc, Claims Chief Operating Officer, is familiar with Florida’s many challenges: “Meghan has added a dynamic and experienced presence to the Velocity Claims team. She came to us with extensive industry and property experience in Florida which has been a huge asset to our team. Meghan is an integral part of the claims team, and because of her extensive work, helps the company write better risks.”

Meghan joined Velocity in the middle of the pandemic, and she considers the experience as “baptism by fire,” but in a good way. She’s built some of the best and strongest working relationships of her career. She was surprised at how quickly she was able to acclimate and collaborate, given the remote environment. She believes her training has helped her become her best self.

Meghan is concerned about the talent gap that the insurance industry will face in the coming years. She wants to be a champion for others who don’t realize that a career in insurance is one of the best opportunities for young people looking for direction and she emphasizes, “definitely not boring.” Meghan considers herself lucky thanks to many mentors and tenured peers who provided knowledge, expertise, and inspiration. She wants to be that voice for others.

Nicole Lincoln, Director of Personal Lines Claims, has seen the passion that Meghan brings to the team every day. “She is a very dynamic leader and pushes others to be better and do better. She came to Velocity with a wealth of knowledge and a large network of insurance connections that we can leverage to enhance our claims handling for all lines of business. I also love that our team of strong women leaders continues to grow.”

When Meghan is not building one of the best claims operations, she loves spending time with her husband and two daughters, Ava, 14 and Dylan 5 (going on 15). She is also a fitness enthusiast and works out 5-6 times each week. Her favorite activities are weightlifting and hot yoga. If she ever decided on a completely different career path, she might open a hot yoga studio.