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Employee Spotlight – Milledge Armes Demonstrates Velocity’s Values Every Day

Velocity Risk embodies five core values: Uncomfortable Growth, Start-Up Spirit, Grit, Doing What’s Right and Camaraderie. According to Whitney Alt, Director of Commercial Distribution, “Milledge Armes demonstrates every one of the values every day. Milledge pushes and inspires us to find the right balance with all our key stakeholders and to the company we strive to be.”

Milledge Armes, Small Commercial Product Analyst, began his career with Velocity shortly after graduating from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He may not have had insurance experience, but his attitude, multi-dimensional experience and education impressed everyone he met with at Velocity Risk during the interview process.

Milledge majored in Economics and minored in Entrepreneurship and Conflict Management. He gained tangible experience in entrepreneurship when he joined a start-up Christian fraternity: Beta Upsilon Chi and assisted in crafting the vision and strategy for the local chapter’s future success. He was also heavily involved with his church, and when a pastor mentioned planting a church in Nashville, Milledge knew he wanted to be a part of that mission.

During the beginning of his senior year at UNC, Milledge strategically started to look for a job in Nashville. He began a massive networking campaign to connect with as many people in Nashville as he could. He used LinkedIn to find UNC alumni, and even reached out to Nashville’s 40 under 40. Through the search, Milledge was also able to take advantage of gaining practical work advice from these business professionals with the most notable advice “bloom where you are planted.” One connection, a local recruiting firm, suggested that he apply to Velocity Risk. Milledge had worked with a small private equity firm once and thought that it might be a good fit as he understood revenue and expenses.

Milledge joined Velocity in July 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. With the core value of camaraderie, numerous team members invested their time virtually to assist in his development. In particular, several team members from the Product Team went above and beyond to teach him the ins and outs of being a Product Analyst: Alex Trambley, Ashley Smith and Nathan Quist. They were “blown away with how dedicated he is to drive the success of the business and his colleagues.” They went on to say, “he’s always willing to go the extra mile, learn a new skill, or take an opportunity to help the group or an individual. His ability to pick up things quickly has made him an asset, and his constant drive to be a team player has helped everyone around him be successful within the organization.”

In describing the job he holds today, Milledge sees himself as a “middle man” of Small Commercial. The data analytics team will provide detailed information about the product each month: geography, construction type or other granular information. From there, Milledge works alongside the product team to dissect the information to look for key trends and potential changes that may be needed to improve underwriting results. He presents those finding to Small Commercial stakeholders for further discussion. Once a decision is agreed upon, he works with the tech and operations team to implement the changes.

Joe Meyers, Small Commercial Sr. Underwriter, takes that description a step further: “Milledge is the epitome of a team player and has played a key role in shaping the Small Commercial product.  Our overarching strategy is Underwriting Excellence, and Milledge helps us succeed through projects that he leads. I describe him as a glue guy – he holds everything together for us. He provided analysis and recommendation on renewals, lessons learned from Hurricane Ida, new business implementation, 3rd party integration, pricing accuracy and many more.”

Emily Henderson, VP Systematized Risks – PL & SMB, agrees with Joe’s comments. “Milledge is the definition of a team player. He has a relentless drive to help everyone at Velocity achieve our joint goals as a business. He will always lend a hand to support others. Additionally, he is eager to grow and constantly challenges himself. Milledge will clearly organize the group around topics and projects are moved forward. He epitomizes camaraderie with his positive attitude to uplift, even when facing challenges.”

When Milledge is not demonstrating the Velocity Values at work, he is demonstrating them in his church and in his community. The church he came to plant in Nashville, Proclamation Church, officially opened its doors on Easter Sunday 2021 and has grown to 250+ people in attendance each week. He leads a prayer team, co-leads a small group and serves as a Board Member for his fraternity’s alumni chapter. His main aim in life is to bring glory to God and that viewpoint drives the way he works, how he interacts with people and a desire to serve others.

In his free time, he enjoys cheering on the Tar Dawgs (Carolina Tar Heel & Georgia Bulldog fan) and is thrilled how they performed in the 2022 postseason this year. He also enjoys the food scene in Nashville and the wide variety of restaurants to choose from.

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