Helpful Hints for Keeping You Warm as the Weather Gets Cold

Now that we’ve entered the heart of Fall, and there’s a chill in the air, it’s a perfect time to check your home heating system.  The core of the heating system is the heating element, and the fuel that runs it.  If your home uses gas heat, check the complete supply system, whether from a utility, or from a propane/natural gas tank.  Any leaks should be repaired.  The pilot and burner should also be checked and adjusted for maximum efficiency.

If your home uses an electric heat structure, the same key issues apply – heating element and fuel.  Check the element and heat exchanger for any cracks; these items, while potentially expensive, are probably best replaced and not repaired.

Whether gas or electric, the balance of the system is the same – a thermostat and distribution system.  Newer home automation thermostats offer excellent efficiency, and as they learn your family’s coming and going patterns, will actually save enough money in energy cost to pay for themselves, often in just a couple of years.  The distribution system is the ducting and vents in your home.  Regular cleaning of the vents and ducts, and changing out the air filter(s) regularly will keep your home’s air clean and reduce dust and lint.