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A home health check to get your backyard ready for a socially safe summer

Summer is right around the corner, and as we begin to safely socialize with friends and neighbors, it’s a perfect time to think about outdoor safety. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep your guests safe on your property and reduce your liability exposure. You may have $100,000 or even $1,000,000 in liability coverage, but it’s always best to avoid accidents before they happen.

Below are some tips to consider before the guests arrive:
  1. If there are any hazardous conditions on your property, make all visitors aware and ensure children maintain a safe distance.
  2. Ensure walkways are level and free of debris to avoid trip hazards.
  3. If you have a pool, ensure that the fence around the pool is in good repair and that the gates are locked at all times.
  4. If guests plan to swim, ensure they are aware of pool depths and observe safe use.  Ensure children are closely supervised by two or more adults.
  5. Trampolines pose a significant risk of injury to guests. It’s best to not allow guests to use.
  6. Avoid large groups on elevated wooden decks due to the possibility of collapse from too much weight.
  7. If you plan to grill or cook outside, ensure proper safety and watch children closely to avoid injuries, such as burns.
  8. Don’t overserve alcohol to your guests.
  9. Keep pets away from guests.  Even if your pet is normally friendly, new guests can create a unique environment and increase the risk of a scratch or bite.
  10. Do not provide or allow guests to set off fireworks at your residence.
  11. Keep dangerous items away from guests, especially children (e.g. flammable liquids, power tools, firearms, knives, ladders, scaffolding, etc.).

This list includes a few of the more common home hazards. Be sure to consider the age and number of guest you plan to invite and think about all the risks your home may have. No one wants a friend or neighbor to get hurt.  Enjoy the summer and be safe out there.

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