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Hurricane Preparedness Week – Day 6: Help Your Neighbors

For the past year, we’ve all stayed in and around our homes more. Hopefully, we’ve all gotten better acquainted with our neighbors and built lifelong friendships. As life begins to return a bit more back to normal, let’s not forget that some of our neighbors may still require additional assistance. As we prepare for this year’s hurricane season, make sure that the generous attitude we built remains strong, especially for senior citizens.

If you’ve done a good job preparing for the season with a home inspection, preparedness kit and learning about evacuation routes, make sure that your neighbors are equally prepared. Exchange contact information and find out how you can help each other before and after a storm.

If you’re shopping for your disaster preparedness kit, check if your neighbors need you to pick up items for their kit. Share tips on your neighborhood social media page for staying safe before, during and after a hurricane.

After the storm, you may want to help your community through volunteer service. Check for a list of the most common volunteer organizations that provide disaster assistance services.

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