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Hurricane Season Intensifies – Are you Ready?

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The last time the U.S. saw two simultaneous hurricanes affect the mainland at the same time was 1933 when a category 3 hurricane hit Texas, and a tropical storm came ashore in Florida. As bad news continues to pummel 2020, we have a chance to see two storms not only affect parts of the U.S. at the same time, but several states may be impacted simultaneously from the the two storms.

Tropical Depression 13 was upgraded on August 21 to Tropical Storm Laura and is expected to impact Florida and other Gulf Coast states by early next week. Tropical Depression 14 is moving northwest, but will likely hook right and directly impact Texas and Louisiana at close to the same time as TS Laura.

At Velocity, we are fully prepared to handle the impact from both storms and will be there when our customers need us most. We have a Best in Class claims leadership team with decades of experience in disaster response and hundreds of adjusters ready to help our customers get back to pre-storm status as quickly as possible. And we have a new feature to help homeowners file claims faster than ever before. We recently launched a mobile app that includes basic policy information for homeowners and a link to file a claim in less than a minute. Non-customers can also benefit with severe weather information and hurricane preparedness tips.

Be sure to keep in mind the unique evacuation challenges that may in place due to COVID-19. Shelters may have moved or are no longer open. Or if they are open, they may not be fully prepared to handle hundreds of evacuees safely or have necessary supplies such as masks and adequate cleaning and sanitizing supplies. As you put your emergency kit together, be sure to add two cloth face coverings per family member and cleaning items, such as soap, hand sanitizer and supplies to disinfect surfaces. Be sure to keep this kit in your car or near the door so you’re ready to go in a moment’s notice.

During hurricane preparedness week in May, we shared some great tips on preparedness. If you didn’t think you needed it then, make sure to review and have your plans in place now, before the storm arrives.

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