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Meet Shaneka Jordan


Velocity Risk Underwriters has moved to a Work from Home environment due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and our employees have adapted extremely well to their temporary new normal. This month, we are spotlighting Shaneka Jordan, a business development analyst. Before we share her story, we wanted to know how she’s adapting to working from home with two young children. Shaneka has it down to a science. She lets the kids sleep until noon, giving her 4-5 hours of quiet time to work. Once they’re awake, she keeps them occupied with various learning games including reading, math, crafts and more. After winding down an 8-hour workday, Shaneka transitions to teacher, and everyone learns together.

Shaneka started with the company in November 2017 as a contractor but quickly became an essential part of the team and became a full-time employee less than six months later. Shaneka manages agency appointments and relationships as they onboard to our policy processing systems. She was nominated for the employee spotlight by multiple team members due to her strong ability to always get things done with speed and accuracy.

“Shaneka really personifies the ‘how can I help?’ attitude that is greatly appreciated by agents and the sales team. She takes everything in stride and responds with a smile,” according to Jen Kowalski, VP of Sales. She recently had an agent ask, “Who do you have doing appointments in there? I’m used to weeks for turnaround and that setup was done in 2 days!”

Scott Johnson, National Sales Manager, couldn’t agree more. He is impressed with Shaneka’s can-do attitude, even when unfamiliar with the challenge. “Shaneka listens and invests time in my requests. She takes it upon herself to improve the efficiency in her work, and in turn how she is able to support all of us.” A perfect example of Shaneka’s innovative spirit is an idea to build a bot to assist in automating commission statements, the appointment process and more. Her ideas are currently on the roadmap and will hopefully be implemented soon.

Originally from Georgia, Shaneka moved to Nashville for a change of scenery. She discovered Velocity as a temp and is thrilled that she grew into a valued employee whose voice matters. She appreciates the open lines of communication with leadership. Outside of Velocity, she likes to spend free time with her children. She loves doing hair and singing – she sings from the time she gets in the car after work until the time when she tucks the kids into bed. Shaneka is a spiritual and intuitive individual, she enjoys looking at things from different perspectives.

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