• Employee Spotlight for January 2020 – Sean Rand

    Sean Rand is Velocity’s VP of Technology. He joined the company when Velocity was still in its infancy and led the technology team in writing Velocity’s first homeowners policy a few months later. Sean continued to make a tremendous positive impact on the growth of the organization, including the development of two different Policy Administration Systems, bots, book rolls and … Read More

  • Resolve to be Ready for Weather in 2020

    As we begin a new year, many of us make New Year’s Resolutions that don’t survive the first quarter or even the first month. While personal goals usually only affect one person, a preparedness plan can impact the whole family, including pets. This year, resolve to be ready for scary situations such as major storms and severe weather.

    Winter can … Read More

  • Looking back on innovations of 2019

    According to experts, nearly all insurance companies are engaged in technology advancements to make sure they not only remain relevant, but also get ahead of competitors in new and innovative ways. Growth in insurance technology can also be evidenced with the explosion in attendance at the annual Insurtech conference in Las Vegas, which humbly started with under 1,000 attendees in … Read More