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Spring Cleaning for the Outside of Your Home

Now that the final frost is behind us for the season, we are eager to get out and start those barbecue grills, vegetable gardens and pool parties. Before you do, you might want to schedule a weekend to make sure your home is ready for the warmer months ahead.

  • Roof – As we get ready to enter hurricane season (June 1 – November 30), it’s important to make sure your roof is ready for bad weather. You can do a self-inspection if it’s safe to do so, use binoculars or a drone to check for loose (shifting), cracked or missing shingles. If your roof is more than ten years old, you should also call in a professional to inspect and fix any issues you may have.
  • Brick/masonry walls and chimneys – Check for loose or missing grout or bricks. Do you see vegetation growing or other signals of water damage? If so, you will need to re-seal the masonry.
  • Gutters – Whether or not you cleaned out your gutters last fall, there is a good chance that additional leaves, debris and maybe even a bird’s nest is sitting in your gutters, meaning that they are not directing rainwater properly and could cause major damage in your home. Be sure to clean the gutters and make sure the down spouts are all working as intended.
  • Concrete (around and under your home) – Look for cracks in concrete that live under and around your home. Cracks in your foundation may lead to more serious leaks in your home, and sidewalk or driveway cracks could be a tripping hazard and will grow larger if not treated.
  • Windows – Check the caulk and weather stripping around all your windows and clean windows and screens with a gentle cleaner. Screens should be removed and air-dried after cleaning.
  • Air conditioner – Key components that need to be evaluated are the compressor, capacitor and air handler. This is a good time to also check the coolant (freon) level in your unit, and have coolant added as needed.  Check drainage of condensation from your unit, to make sure there are no leaks and resulting water issues. Consult a licensed HVAC contractor for this work.

After ensuring your home is better protected for the months ahead, it’s time to light the fire pit, toast some marshmallows and enjoy your first s’mores of the season.

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