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Your fur babies want to know if you’re prepared to protect them during an emergency

Some of us may struggle with the new normal of working from home and low social interactions with friends, family and co-workers, but our fur-covered family members are thrilled with these new arrangements. They get more walks and cuddles than ever before, and many animal shelters have empty cages due to a surge in adoptions.

If you’re a seasoned pet owner who has always been surrounded by dogs and cats or you’re new to parenting a four-legged friend, you need to be prepared for unplanned emergencies. June is National #PetPreparedness Month, so it’s a perfect time to add your pets to your emergency plans.

• Build a separate emergency kit for your pets, include food and water for 3-5 days, medications, beds, litter for cats and a favorite toy.
• Keep digital records and pictures to identify your pet after a disaster in case you become separated.
• If you must evacuate, many emergency shelters cannot accept pets. Find pet friendly hotels along your evacuation route and keep a list in your pet’s emergency kit.
• Make sure your pet is microchipped; collars may come off.
• Provide an emergency contact with your vet in case you are unable to take your pet.
• If you have large animals, such as horses, you’ll need extra time to evacuate and find shelter.

For additional information and tips to protect your pet in all seasons, visit

In the meantime, enjoy the extra time you have with your best friends. If they could talk, you know they’d say, “thank you” a thousand times a day…and “more treats, please.”


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